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Apple Acres Nouveau Riche


OFA Excellent
Elbows normal

Am Ch Apple Acres Carte Blanche ROM
OFA Excellent

Am Can Int Ch Apple Acres Chain Lightning ROM
schwarz-weiß, OFA Excellent
Am Ch Larenta's Thunder N Lightning Apple Acres African Gray
Can Ch Shariton Velvet Shadow
Am Ch C-Mar N Formal Colors Am Ch Apple Acres Odyssey Armani ROM
Am Ch C-Mar N Living Color
Am Ch Trevanne's Dominique ROM
blue-merle, OFA Good
BIS BISS Am Ch Homewood Hurricane ROM ROMC Am Ch Macdega Asterisk ROM ROMC
Am Ch Homewood Natalie Cole
Can Ch Shadlars Trevanne's Trivia Am Can Ch Trevanne's Windswept ROM ROMC
Can Ch Shay Dee's Once In A Blue Moon ROMC

Am Ch Primo Patina
OFA Good

Am Ch Sea Haven's Sharper Image ROM
tricolour, OFA Good
Am Can JCC GCH Pop Star SS Of Northern Farm Jpn CD ROM ROMC Am Ch Macdega Evergreen
JCC GCH Magic Mami SS Of Northern Farm ADC
Sea Haven Dark Victory Am Ch Aynsworth Silver Moonlight ROM
Sea Haven Paris Bi Night ROM
Am Ch Sea Haven Primo Victorian Lace
Am Ch Willow Cove's Bluesman BIS BISS Am Ch Shadow Hill's Air Force One OA OAJ
Willow Cove's Revelation
Sea Haven Dark Victory Am Ch Aynsworth Silver Moonlight ROM
Sea Haven Paris Bi Night ROM

Can Ch Avoca's Asian Treasure CGN


MDR 1 frei
Augen normal

Am GCH Can Ch Chelson Gotta Wear Shades
OFA Good

Am GCH Weathermans Syringa Free Spirit CD BN RN OA AXJ
tricolour, OFA Excellent

Am GCH Akadia-Chandelle Steel And Flames Am Ch Denian Deuce's Are Wild
Am Can Ch Weathermans Christmas Spirit Am Can UKC Ch Glenesk Scenic Shadow Play CD
Weathermans Allthat Glitters
Madselin Chelson Dynamique
blue-merle, OFA Excellent
Honeyhill Hombre Am Ch Mejimo Honeyhill Winterskye
Honeyhill Party On Sophia
Cathance Chelson Cascade Am Ch Sea Haven Chasing Moonbeams ROM CC
Can Ch Cathance Music Lee

Can Ch Conspirito's Jitterbug CGN Can RE/CD/HIC AgN AgNJ
OFA Good

Can Ch Mosaic Blue Zodiac
Can Ch Mosaic Midnight Ryder Can Ch Zesta Riding High At Talamar
Can Ch Cynchar Mosaic Ashes Of Roses
Can Ch Tavendale's Blue Jewel Can Ch Mystic The Puck Stops Here ROMC
Shelgrande Tavendale's Indigo
Can Ch Conspirito's Independant Woman Can CD
tricolour, OFA Good
Can Int Ch Kyalta Recurring Dream Am Can Ch Kyalta The Body Electric ROMC
Can Ch Liska Celebrity ROMC
Can Ch Gail Dons Windstar Can Ch Kaczbar's Rebel In Disguise
Spirit Star Gazer

OFA Excellent = HD A1, OFA Good = HD A2